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The George Washington Union ( GWU ) is a Masonic Body operating in North America since 1976.

The "Grand Orient de France", the oldest French Traditional Masonic Body, granted the GWU its Charter.The George Washington Union is referring to the Tradition of Anderson's Constitution published 1723 and is open to both Men and Women. It is a contemporary organization referring to ethic values shared by all men and women of good will. Its main principles are absolute liberty of conscience and freedom. The basic rules of this body are furthermore tolerance and respect of all beliefs as well as of all human beings. It does not refer to any exclusive dogma . Its purpose is to promote individual and global social progress and mutual understanding among people of different origins and cultures and to act as a bridge overcoming all prejudices. It does also not refer to any political or religious doctrine and considers that beliefs belong strictly to the private and individual choices of its members who are totally free in their religious, philosophical and political choices as long as they do not teach hostile, discriminating or racial principles. As every Masonic Body the George Washington Union refers to the Tradition of Builders and uses a certain number of symbols referring to the "Craft". The teachings of the knowledge inherited from ancient Times takes place gradually over several years. New Members are known as Entered Apprentices. After a certain Time of practicing masonry and while having acquired a required skill they are promoted to Fellow Craft and finally they become Master Masons. Learning being the eternal aim of Masons, true Members of the Craft never consider that they are entitled to rest.

Acting for the interest of an ever evoluting Society remains the never finishing obligation and task of true Master Masons who act discretely but not, as sometimes assumed, secretly because they have nothing to hide. It is why we decided to appear here very publicly to conduct a dialog with all people of good will. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further inquiry. And be not scared: we will not try to attract you. Our rule is not to get a great amount of members. It remains to promote great values.

The GWU is registered with several international Masonic Organizations: CLIPSAS and SIMPA which both are federating a great number of Masonic Bodies all around the World.

For more information please contact the Grand Secretary:


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